Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Moment of Gratitude

Life certainly has a way of happening in its own perfect way, at the exact moment it should.  Hard to believe how much my world has changed over the course of the year.  I met and got engaged to the love of my life, started a new (dream) career and through it all, I can honestly say that I have never felt more myself.  How blessed I am. 

With the hustle bustle of life, I find it's tricky to stay connected with everyone as often as I'd like to, and as someone who places their relationships with family and friends at the top of the importance scale, I felt it important to reclaim a venue to connect.  Snippets of ideas, thoughts, updates, wedding plans and career moments.  Happy in Heels feels like a great little corner to do just that. 

I took a moment this morning to breath in a moment of gratitude.  Life is good. 


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