Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend!

This Easter weekend involved pretty much all of what makes me love this time of year.  Friday night was spent out for drinks and sushi with some special people.  I had a Sweet Potato Veggie Sushi that knocked my socks off!    

Saturday, I did some shopping for my upcoming trip to Florida with Mom (Next Tuesday, I'll be in 85 degree weather in a swimsuit!  So excited!) and also purchased a few new Spring items for work (I'm loving the mint and coral items out right now.)  Saturday evening, my Mom and I went out to St. Paul for dinner and Mass downtown St. Paul.  The church we go to is beautiful - full of tradition and celebration, candles and beautiful music.  I love spending mass cuddled up in the pew with my Grandma; we're 2 peas in a pod (seriously so much a like!) so it warms my heart to spend quality time with her.  We are a pretty feisty duo when together, lots of laughing and fun - my Mom just shakes her head ;)

Sunday, my parents hosted a lovely brunch.  We ate so well, per usual, with delicious Homemade Spinach Stratta, Waffles and Coffee Cake, among other delectable treats.  It was lovely having Sydney join the mix; she is quite the hit with my family, and lifts right in!  Love her so much, so very special to share the day with her as well. 

As promised, I supplied the Blushing Mimosas - they were delicious!  Quite sweet, but I used a dry Champagne which cut through the sugar a bit - what a treat they were!  As I made the juice mix separate from the booze, I got to thinking about ideas for fun summer cocktails using the same mix with different liquours - Vodka and Gin both came to mind as refreshing potential options.  Might have to do a little taste test ;)

I hope you and yours had a relaxing, sunny and beautiful holiday.

Spring has Sprung! 

Here's Sydney and I in our Easter brights, enjoying our Blushing Mimosas.

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  1. What a cute picture of you two!!!

    Miss you Twinkle Toes!