Monday, April 8, 2013

Florida, here I come!

Well the time is nearly here for Florida!  Cannot wait to soak up the sun (pool side, beachside...), indulge in some fun cocktails and good wine and explore some of the local cusine.  We'll be in Bonita Springs, which is right on the Gulf and very near to other fun spots, like Naples, Marco Island and Fort Myers (where we're flying into.)  So, we're excited to explore a bunch of different areas, namely their beaches :)

On My Agenda?

Not a whole lot specifically.  I'm fortunate to have a mother that likes to roll with whatever comes her way.  I'm more of the planner, and she balances that out nicely - thus we travel well together.  I plan to read a lot while laying out in the sun (my favorite past time, which lately, I haven't had much time to indulge in.)  Just planning to relax, go for walks along the ocean with my Mom, do a lot of reading and perhaps some writing, take some good pictures and collect some seashells for my guy (per his special request.)  :)

Looking forward to sharing some fun pictures upon my return!

On the packing front, things are almost all together.  I'm bringing the usual trip items:  some notables include several sundresses, coral nail polish, some fun sun products from Victoria's Secret that I treated myself to and of course my trusty Kindle.  :)


  1. Megs! Have fun!

    I love Bonita - see here:

    Be sure to go to Docs for conch fritters!

  2. I've heard good things about Docs!!! We will be sure to go :) Thanks Kate!! XOXO.

  3. Have fun Megan! I love Naples and Fort Meyers!!! Beautiful beaches!!!